We argue and we fight,

when we are supposed to unite,

so many disputes amongst us,

instead of peace, we make a fuss.


So many different reasons we have found,

for us to break the bonds of brotherhood,

our unity has been pushed underground,

for we don’t treat each other as we should.


We all have the same belief,

yet somehow we still bring each other down,

can’t we see that unity will bring relief,

if only all our differences we can drown.


Allah has willed for us to be one entity,

standing together, with unrivalled unity,

yet we choose to ignore this,

as we succumb to outside pressures, our unity goes amiss.


Of a strong brotherhood there is no trace,

so many different groups in one small place,

and weaker we become each day,

because together we cannot stay.


Unity is the only answer,

one brotherhood, stronger than them all,

only then will we not fall,

the courage to unite, we have to muster!


O’ Muslims, let’s unite.

striving together to do what’s right,

O’ Muslims, let’s not wait,

for it might just be too late.


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