Are you afraid of making mistake?

“Do you know how many mistakes that Mr Edison did before he could make a bulb?” asked our English teacher. He’s a Canadian.

“hm..about 1000 times” said Saerah.


“8675 times” said Khairul.

“whoa…I’m really impressed with you, but no..more than that..he actually made about 10000 times of mistakes before he could make the bulb..”

“so, why are you afraid of making mistake? No more pencils in this class, use your pen…”

That was some of our conversation during English Class last week. People are always afraid of making mistake. But somehow the sensei teaches us that making a mistake is not that bad. Making a mistake is actually a process of learning. By making mistakes, we could learn many new things.

The feeling ‘afraid of making mistakes’ in my opinion is actually comes from our own self. We have that feeling because we actually thought that it was a bad thing and we do think that people who make mistakes is a failure. So, the first step to overcome this feeling is by changing our mind set.

Learn from your mistake

Making a mistake is not wrong. Everybody make mistakes in every minute in their lives. Yet, they are not a failure. As human being, it is normal for us to make mistake. So why do we have bad feelings to those who makes mistake? And why do we feel so bad when making mistakes? We’re all human, right?

The second step to overcome it is by forgiving ourselves. We do make mistakes. Instead of feeling bad about ourselves and giving up, accept that we’re also a human being. We can’t be perfect. So, forgive ourselves every time we make mistake and try to look at the positive side of it. Be optimist.

The most important thing is to learn from our mistakes so that we could be a better person. I’m not so good in English and I don’t have the confident to speak or write in English actually. But why am I writing this in English?

Yes, to overcome the feeling “afraid of making mistake” and to challenge myself. We can’t be a better person if we’re sitting in the same relaxing condition. Although my English is not good and this post is full with grammar errors, who cares? At least, I’ve tried something that I’ve never done before and it gives me confidence to write better next time.

One more important thing is we have to open our heart to other’s critics (is this the word?huhu..). Actually when other’s critics us, they’re not down-rating us, but they’re actually correcting our mistakes. Look it as a chance for us to improve ourselves. We can’t see our own mistakes. It is just like looking at something in a short distance. We can’t see it clearly. It’s the same thing with our own mistakes. We need others to correct us.

Never stop apologizing

As we’ve admitted before, we do make mistakes every day and in every minute in our lives.  It’s because we’re human being. But, never stop apologizing. It’s true, we made mistakes. So, we have to correct it and make sure that we won’t do the same mistakes again. This was said by our Prophet Muhammad SAW, that the Muslim did not fall in the same trap for two times.

Lastly, by realizing how weak we are that we can’t even stop ourselves from making mistakes, never give up on apologizing from Him. He’s always there waiting to forgive us. I ended my entry with this word of Rasulullah SAW(sorry, I can’t translate this and couldn’t find the English version).

‘Wahai anak adam,

selama engkau berdoa dan berharap kepadaKu, nescaya Aku ampuni segala dosamu yang telah lalu dan Aku tidak pedulikan lagi,

Wahai anak adam,

jikalau dosamu membumbung setinggi langit lalu engkau minta ampunanKu, pasti engkau Ku ampuni.

Wahai anak adam,

andai engkau datang kepadaKu dengan kesalahan sepenuh bumi, kemudian engkau bertemu denganKu, dalam keadaan tidak menyekutukan Ku sedikit pun, pasti Aku mendatangimu dengan ampunan sepenuh bumi pula. ‘

(Hadith riwayat al-Tirmizi)


2 thoughts on “Are you afraid of making mistake?

  1. very nice seems like it suits wif my mood.
    i do believe dat learn from mistakes wud be better way coz u’ll not repeat it again and again.
    in youth we learn, in ages we understand.^^

  2. all sort of guts,determination,and confidence,doubted…
    to ourselves,
    is the matter of we don’t have a strong faith to Him..
    and somehow, it come together with the package of reflection..
    reflect the degree of faith to Him,perhaps?
    (^^,)wish to have such a very strong faith…ameen..

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